Melanie’s wedding shower

Melanie’s wedding shower

We had Melanie’s wedding shower on Saturday. It was fun and fairly low pressure, especially since it wasn’t a surprise. We determined that there was no way to keep it a surprise and bring her mother, sister, and friends into town without her knowing. Plus it was just easier to plan if we all knew what was going on.

Anyway, we gathered at what will be our new apartment together, which is where Melanie has been living for the past five years. Her roommates have already moved out so now we’re making it our own.  We were given some very nice gifts that will help us establish our new household.

On Friday, I had to run up to Home Depot to pick up an air conditioner for the apartment because it was going to be in the high 90s this past weekend. I installed the huge thing in the window (not realizing that there was a thornbush underneath it that I was going to have to stand in while installing). But Saturday morning, Melanie called me to say that the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) in the plug kept tripping. Yeesh. Of all days… I ran back to Home Depot to get a long extension cord, hooked it up to another outlet, and thank God, it worked. Whew! Of course last night it started tripping even while the ac was off, so I have to figure out what’s going on.

I plan on putting up a photo gallery later, so for family and friends who are interested, stay tuned.

  • Dom,
    I am just a blogger who checks out your wonderful site a few times a week.
    Nevertheless, I feel as if I know you and Melanie and I really do share in your happiness.
    Thanks for the shower pictures.  I hope to see more soon.
    Congratulations and best of luck to you both.

  • Dom,

    I will echo what Dorothy said.  It looks like you and Melanie have a great life ahead of you.  My heartiest congratulations to both of you!

    This brings back recent memories for me.  I went to my wife’s bridal shower as I was in on the conspiracy to surprise her.  The pretext of the shower surprise was a friend’s birthday party.  My wife is originally from Chicago, but somehow we operational planners managed to get both her Mom and sister in Boston from out of town without Elene knowing it.  Elene did suspect a surprise when she saw her good friend’s car parked near the house where the shower was held, so our cover was blown even though I tried unsuccessfully to keep the pretence going for a few more minutes.  But, Elene didn’t know that her Mom and sister from Chicago were there.  The look on her face when she saw first her Mom and later her sister was priceless.

    Cherish these days because they are the stuff memories are made of.  Once again, I’m happy for you and Melanie.
    Sam Doucette

  • looks like a happy group of folks!

    Dom, if you have an a/c that draws 30 amps on a 20 amp service it’s going to continue to blow – and it’s designed to do so. Check your service panel on your service box.  Also, that thorn bush is going to take off from the condensation drip. Better trim it back. smile

  • Thanks KMac. It is a 12 amp on a 15 amp circuit (or 20—the circuit box isn’t labeled.) And there’s nothing else on the circuit. That’s what has me stumped.

    Funny, David. smile