Medjugorje on “Dateline”

Medjugorje on “Dateline”

Apparently “Dateline NBC” is doing a story on the Medjugorje phenomenon. I received the following email:

On Wednesday evening May 18th, “DATELINE”,  NBC @ 8:00 pm Eastern will air a one hour presentation on the apparitions in Medugorje. ” DATELINE” joined us at Infant Jesus Church in Nashua, NH to record visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s apparition of Our Lady in the church & also his talk to the congregation on the messages of Medugorje.  Ivan was additionally interviewed by “Stone Phillips” of “DATELINE”  They also interviewed Ivan’s wife Laureen & Artie Boyle regarding his healing of cancer in Medugorje. Also, on Tuesday, May 24th @ 8:45 am,  FOX NEWS will air an interview with Ivan regarding Ivan’s apparition of April 2 at St. Patrick & Joachim’s Church in NH.

I actually know Artie Boyle. He and I were on Cursillo together and he comes across as a very nice, very normal guy. He has a very big family and is very orthodox and very deep into his faith. That’s a lot of “verys” but it’s true.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli