McCarrick on the hot seat

McCarrick on the hot seat

  • I think their ad is right on target.  If the Catholic Church can’t take to task people who are actually PROMOTING mass abortion, then it is failing in its mission.  So what if the ads are aggressive and personal?  They should be.  Jesus Christ was very ‘in-your-face’ when he took on the Pharisees.  One thing that is crystal clear to me in my lifetime is that the vast majority of bishops won’t do the right thing unless forced to.  Though so many of our bishops can’t seem to live ‘in persona Christi,’ we are each still called to. 

  • What a spineless mutt…and he’s not alone. The CCC is crystal clear on these topics – and just war is addressed there too. These bullsh*t ‘interpratations’ are an assault on and offensive to anyone with a smattering of intelligence. I wish the Holy Father would just tell these clowns that if you can’t get it right in America, I’ll give you one more shot. How’s the Ivory Coast sound to you?

  • The problem for the hierarchy here (and elsewhere) is that for a long time they have been in bed with the politicians and the powerful, pandering to Caesar and neglecting to preach the Gospel in its entirety.

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    “Even Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, who has been criticized lately, just wrote a letter to journalist Robert Novak, encouraging him to clarify the Cardinal’s words in a recent Catholic News Service interview. The quote in that interview, which received a lot of publicity, made it sound as if the Cardinal thought the pro-life issue was merely one of many issues that Catholics should be worried about.

    “But in his letter to Novak, he clarifies his position, saying, `The defense of human life, especially the life of the unborn child, comes first because ‘without life you cannot have any other human values.

    “‘This position in favor of life and of the obligation to defend it is essential according to the constant teaching of the Church, and has always been my own constant teaching.’ He went on to explain that while we can’t neglect other important social justice issues, human life ‘is the first principle on which all other rights depend.’

    “I’m glad the Cardinal took the chance to clarify his position. “
    Just passing this on…it may be that this is day-old news to you.

  • Abortion is different from other sins for several reasons, especially it’s “digital” quality. Either you have had one or not; and if you’ve had one, either you’ve repented (confessed it) or not.  Otherwise, either you think it’s a good option (non-Catholic position) or you think abortion is a bad idea (i.e. murder). For the former, the hierarchy can easily see how much the person promotes the bad idea—from material cooperation with a friend to promoting bad legislation—and respond accordingly.

    This is NOT like other sins where you want to be holy but slip into various vices. Nor is it like the lukewarm who don’t really want to be holy. Additionally, it is not like positions on death penalty, union dues, or welfare reform where a discussion is healthy and people can agree to disagree without contradicting Church teaching.

    Bottom line: this is clear-cut with no potential for a slippery slope application. Logically, I don’t see the harm in denying Holy Communion to pro-aborts.