Making mountains out of molehills

Making mountains out of molehills

The Boston Globe apparently specializes in making mountains out of molehills.  It claims that a fifth parish has joined the number of those holding sit-ins to protest its closing. What I see is that a handful of people (the article never even tells us how many, but it looks like less than five to me) have taken it upon themselves to occupy the church. How does that qualify as “the parish”?

Keep that in mind as you read all these stories. Apart from the first two former parishes to stage sit-ins, we’re not seeing more than handful of people actually joining in. Even then, it looks like there is a still a substantial number of individual parishioners who are not represented by the protesters, but for whom the protesters are speaking anyway. Once again, not all is as the media would have it appear.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli