Mahony and a Mexican cardinal

Mahony and a Mexican cardinal

Today, the Dallas Morning News informs us that the cardinal-archbishop of Mexico City sent a priest accused of multiple cases of sex abuse to Los Angeles, where the priest allegedly, in only nine months, created one of the largest sex abuse cases in LA’s history. Of course, once his alleged depredations were done there, he was moved on to another country.

Father Nicolas Aguilar has been charged with sex abuse in both California and Mexico, but he was kept in ministry while the case was pending and even after his conviction. Aguilar denies any wrongdoing. Witnesses said the priest constantly had late-night visits from young men and teens and he was almost killed by unknown assailants. In Los Angeles, he was moved from parish to parish, with family members of victims being rebuffed again and again when they reported what had happened. That’s a familiar story.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli