MacWorld Expo is today

MacWorld Expo is today

There are two special days per year for Mac geeks like me: Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at MacWorld Expo San Francisco and his keynote at MacWorld East Coast. And with Apple threatening not to go to the East Coast expo because of the move from New York to Boston, San Fran could be all there is today.

It’s not just Macheads who go ga-ga for the Jobs keynote; everyone in the computer and personal technology industry waits to see what Apple will come out with next. They are the acknowledged tech leader and even general design leader. After the iMac came out, remember how everything from other computers to irons to George Foreman Grills suddenly has translucent blue plastic?

So what’s in store for Jobs’ speech today? Most everyone thinks that new, less expensive, and lower capacity iPods will be out, filling in the gap in the lower end of the consumer buying spectrum. We should also see a new “iApp”: something to go along with iTunes (music buying and playing), iMovie (home movie editing), iDVD (home DVD mastering), and iPhoto (photo organizing, editing, and developing). I hear it might be some kind of “sound” application, like for creating and editing music.

Of course, there will be the usual updated applications and maybe a speed bump for existing computers. There isn’t much speculation of a major new product, although Jobs is known for (a) loving his surprises and (b) being able to keep a secret. We’ll have to wait and see until the end of his speech for his trademark “Oh, and one more thing…”

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  • “Jobs is known for (a) loving his surprises … his trademark [being] “Oh, and one more thing…”

    Remember when it was … “here’s Bill Gates.”

    That was awesome … actually, it wasn’t.