Looking a gift horse

Looking a gift horse

I think I did something dumb yesterday. I received an email from someone who offered to buy my bettnet.com domain name from me and I refused. Now, it wasn’t “retire and live on a desert island” money, but it was “buy a new computer” money. Am I crazy?

For one thing, this web site itself runs under the bettnet.dyndns.org domain, not bettnet.com. In fact, the only thing on bettnet.com is a few pages I haven’t bothered to move over, my email, and a placeholder page so I can people the short web address and it will redirect them here.

The thing is, I’ve had this domain for nearly 10 years now and it would be a hassle to change. Shoot…. I think I did do something dumb. I wonder if I can get the guy interested again.

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Domenico Bettinelli