Looking a gift horse

Looking a gift horse

I think I did something dumb yesterday. I received an email from someone who offered to buy my bettnet.com domain name from me and I refused. Now, it wasn’t “retire and live on a desert island” money, but it was “buy a new computer” money. Am I crazy?

For one thing, this web site itself runs under the bettnet.dyndns.org domain, not bettnet.com. In fact, the only thing on bettnet.com is a few pages I haven’t bothered to move over, my email, and a placeholder page so I can people the short web address and it will redirect them here.

The thing is, I’ve had this domain for nearly 10 years now and it would be a hassle to change. Shoot…. I think I did do something dumb. I wonder if I can get the guy interested again.

  • I hope you can. You don’t need bettnet.com, you could use money, guy needs or thinks he needs bettnet.com, has money.

    What part of no-brainer do you not understand? wink

  • Detachment, Dom.  Detachment.  Take the advice from one (i.e., me) who needs the advice. 

  • Better get the buyer to agree not to start a new “Catholik World News” or “Domenic Bettinelli’s Blog” – and make sure the buyer is not Frances Kissling!!!!!


  • Sorry, but before I offer advice I need some details (:>)……why does the guy want your domain name?

  • He hasn’t said yet, but my guess is that he’s German. When I was registering my domain I came to the conclusion that the word “bett” has something to do with beds or bedding in German. (Not speaking German, I can’t say for sure.)

    A key part of any agreement would be that they wouldn’t use the domain for anything that would reflect badly on me or my website.

  • <i>Sorry, but before I offer advice I need some details/i>

    As opposed to me. Before I offer advice I need but one question: how much? wink

    If you’re worried about your readers, Domenico (:-) then please don’t. I don’t even have you under my “favorite places.” I took a text clipping of your URL years ago, stationed it on my desktop and double-click it every day. No sweat.

    For those o’ you who think I’m talking in tongues…I use a Mac wink

  • No condolences necessary. Two words: No spyware. Two more: No adware.

    Anyway, the URL for this blog wouldn’t change because it’s running at bettnet.dyndns.org anyway, which is a dymanic domain name service. In short, it points at my cable modem connection and thus my dedicated web server running in my house.

  • No, Dom; do not sell your domain name.  It has already taken on the status of a brand.  More people know how to type bettnet.com than know how to spell Bettinelli (or Domenico, for that matter.)

  • And yes, “Bett” is “bed” in German.  There is a bettnet.de site belonging to some travel company.  Maybe you can sell them some ad space on your site?

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  • If you go to betnet.com (note the one “t”), you’ll see you’re not far off.

    Also, just for fun, try Bettinelli.com . They’re nice people, too.

    I just wish bett.com was available, but it’s been the same placeholder page in German (and I can’t tell what it says) for the past eight or more years!

  • Kelly, you’re funny!
    Dom, contact the guy and see if he’s still interested.
    If he is, let the price negotiations begin (if he wants the site name for a big business, you can get more $ for it).
    Hail to Mary on her feast day.