Live birth abortion

Live birth abortion

Update: I’ve since learned that this story is not what it appears. See more here.

Are Catholic hospitals committing live-birth abortions with the sanction of US bishops? So says this article from The Illinois Leader. Live-birth abortion means that labor is induced and the child left to die after he is born.

The bad news warped to bizarre when Szyszkiewicz said these hospitals were waiting until babies were 23 to 26 weeks gestation before aborting them, i.e., until they were of viable age, so they could say these werentionate reasons” isn’t just a problem for Catholic voters, but is being used an excuse for all types of atrocities.

  • The longer version of this article is posted at under Stanek’s byline in the editorial section.

    Quoting the article:  “In addition to having “mental health” concerns, Fr. Jack O’Callahan, staff ethicist at Loyola, said they are trying “to ward off the physical complications of bringing to term a child who is not going to live anyway.”

    This cretin, OCallahan, would deny the Beatific Vision to people like our son, (now) St. Maximilian Edward, who was trisomy-18—but was born, baptized, confirmed, and received by the Lord, all in 12 hours.

    Yes, we knew in advance.

    OCallahan’s fate at the hands of my wife would not be a pretty one, but for ‘spare-parts’ merchandisers, it would be a very good day, indeed.

  • again, what’s the hurry for death?  the child isn’t dead yet, so why not wait until it’s born?

    My aunt had a child who lived but 30 hours, and as ninenot says, he was baptised within that time, and my aunt and uncle got to hold him.

    The only time I would consider an induced labor is if the child is already dead.