Litany of liberal angst and American self-hatred

Litany of liberal angst and American self-hatred

As we approach the 4th anniversary of 9/11 we are treated to typical liberal pap from the National Council of Churches in their “Litany of Remembrance, Penitence, and Hope.” Read the statements and responses. Here’s the first one:

One:  When we remember the stockbrokers, office workers, maintenance workers, bystanders, window-washers and all the others who worked together so valiantly to help each other, we can say together,

All:  We remember great courage.

These are other responses without the leader’s statements:

We remember selfless service. ... We remember selfless sacrifice for the safety of others. ... We remember the loss of human life. ...

And so on. Notice what’s missing here? There is no mention of God. Oh, he shows up later in a reference to the “children of God,” and then he shows up again at the very end, like an afterthought.

Get this typical liberal “speak for yourself” prayer:

One:  In our sadness, horror and shock we acknowledge that our own fears turned murderous and we have sought revenge, sometimes against even the innocent.

All:  We confess and regret our own anger and recognize its dangers to our spirits, our health, our community, and others.

Um, my “fear” didn’t turn murderous and I certainly didn’t seek revenge, whether against the innocent or others. Of course, this is that style of statement where the speaker says “us” and “our” but what he really means is “you”, especially “you lower classes, not like us elites who are more evolved and civilized than you.”

Thanks, but I’ll keep my litanies that focus on God and His saints without the liberal politics.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli