Life Teen makes changes

Life Teen makes changes

Amy Welborn reprints part of a letter from Life Teen’s founder, instructing all LT programs to get on board with the recent GIRM changes. However, that’s a little misleading since the changes he makes were all things that were proscribed under the old GIRM. What are the changes?

  1. Teens no longer to enter the sanctuary during the Eucharistic Prayer.

  2. No more ending the Mass with “The Mass never ends, it must be lived, …”

  3. A period of silence before the start of the Mass.

  4. Music should not distract from what’s going on in sanctuary.

Again, all of these rules were in force before the new GIRM, so why the change now? Evidently Phoenix’s Bishop Olmsted met with Cardinal Francis Arinze to discuss Life Teen specifically, and this was the fruit of that discussion. While Bishop O’Brien (Olmsted’s predecessor) and Cardinal Medina (Arinze’s) evidently tolerated the liturgical funny business, that time is over I guess.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli