Let me be clear

Let me be clear

Let me make one thing clear because some people seem incapable of understanding my points as I make them: I have never suggested that we should excuse the media’s motives because they brought the Scandal to light. I said we should not dismiss the flaws exposed by them by dismissing it as a media creation and hype. Just because they have bad motives (and I don’t doubt that they do) doesn’t mean that what they expose isn’t true.

I certainly have never rejected the idea that the Church is the Body and Bride of Christ even though the bishops have done much wrong. In fact, it is the sign of her divine origin that despite the sins of men she remains divine.

Finally, I have never disputed that the media are using the Scandal as a way of convincing people to dissent from Church teaching. I’ve only been saying that for the past 18 months. But shame on the bishops for giving anti-Catholic voices the cudgel with which they beat the Church on a daily basis.

I hope that’s clear enough for you Kevin.