The “evil” John Ashcroft

The “evil” John Ashcroft

When did John Ashcroft become the bete noir of the left wing? I’m amazed at the vitriol slung at the former senator from Missouri as if he were the locus of evil in America. Everyone from presidential candidates to smarmy Hollywood actors spit out his name like it was the name of Satan, as if he was personally ordering wiretaps of their homes and fueling the black helicopters that will take them to internment camps. What exactly has he done but enforce the laws of the United States, as passed by Congress, and promote the policies of the Bush administration?

When he was in the Senate, Ashcroft was lauded by people on both sides of the aisle as a man of principle and manners. He was even a member of that bi-partisan senatorial babershop quartet. When he ran for re-election as US senator from Missouri in 2000, he showed the good grace to not challenge the widow of his opponent, Gov. Mel Carnahan, when she took over her husband’s campaign spot after he died in an accident, despite the fact that what she did may have been technically illegal and he would probably have been in the right.

Yet it was when he was nominated as attorney general that the long knives came out. The left-wingers, including his former Democrat friends and colleagues in the Senate, began whispering and warning that this “fundamentalist” Christian would begin a religious crusade if allowed to take the post. After going through the grueling nomination process, the excrement hit the fan again when it was revealed that What matters is what he did after.

Bishop O'Brien's car I still can’t believe that O’Brien maintains that he thought he hit a cat. Look at that windshield. If a 250-lb, 6-foot-plus guy bounces off your winshield hard enough to kill him and do that to your car, do you think you’d confuse the two? And even if you did hit a cat, what would be your first instinct? To stop and check out the damage to your car. Maybe to see if it really was a cat. But rather than take responsibility for his actions, to try to make amends to the family, to do the right thing, O’Brien would rather save his own neck. He’s either lying or a complete incompetent. Take your pick.

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  • Wow, looks like a head hit that windshield. The irony is that if he had just stopped he probably would not have been charged. The reports were that when arrested he was really agitated about not getting to go to the Bishop’s conference.

    This Bishop had a leading hand in the regrettable pastoral statment “Always Our Children.” Apparently it was so flawed that the Vatican forced several re-writes.