Lamb traded for a first round draft pick

Lamb traded for a first round draft pick

The Boston Globe reports that Fr. Matthew Lamb, the only non-dissenting theologian in the theology dept. at Boston College is heading south. Guess where. Yup, Ave Maria University.

“The theology department at Boston College is increasingly unable, in my judgment, to provide the kind of serious formation in Catholic intellectual and theological traditions that is essential,” Lamb said in an interview.

Initially this is only a temporary change, but it could become permanent. (How much you want to bet it is?) Fr. Lamb will set up graduate programs at Ave Maria. If this were ten years ago, I seriously think I would be considering Ave Maria over Steubenville for graduate work.

Meanwhile, the BC spokesflack defends the theology department.

Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn defended BC’s standing: Its theologians are regularly consulted by US bishops, he said, and include six past presidents of the Catholic Theological Society of America.

Jack, you’re not reassuring me. You’re only convincing me that Fr. Lamb is right.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli