Keyes on the stump

Keyes on the stump

Alan Keyes has accepted the Republican nomination for Senate in Illinois, setting up his third Senate run. Keyes is, by the way, Catholic. I’ve seen him speak twice and he is anything but a conventional Republican. For one thing, he didn’t support the war in iraq. However, he is a fiery speaker and passionate on moral issues.

Meanwhile, his opponent is the Democrat celebrity, Barak Obama. While Keyes is talking about freedom, slavery, abortion, and the Declaration of Independence, Obama dismisses such talk.

“As I travel around this state, I don’t get asked about gay marriage, I don’t get asked about abortion,” Obama said. “I get asked, ‘How can I find a job that allows me to support my family.’ I get asked, ‘How can I pay those medical bills without going into bankruptcy.’”

Really, nobody cares about gay marriage? That’s why, I suppose, 71 percent of Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment to protect marriage from such immoral unions. Gay marriage and abortion remain the most contentious political issues of our time, not because people don’t care about it. People care immensely about the issues, but because of the prevailing attitudes of most politicians, they don’t think anything can be done about it, so they look to other issues. But every time they’re polled, the American people express their opposition to both abortion and gay marriage. If only the political gatekeepers would allow that expression of the people’s will to become law.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli