Kerry’s “proud” record on abortion

Kerry’s “proud” record on abortion

John Kerry trumpets his abortion chops. He says that he alone of all the Democrats hasn’t “played games” on abortion.He says he has been consistently in favor of allowing babies to be killed in their mothers’ wombs.

“I’m the only candidate running for president who hasn’t played games, fudged around,” said Kerry, a Massachusetts senator. “If you believe that choice is a constitutional right, and I do, and if you believe that Roe v. Wade is the embodiment of that right ... I will not appoint a justice to the Supreme Court of the United States who will undo that right.”

Why is it okay for Kerry to use a “litmus test” on abortion for appointment of judges, but it’s not okay for Bush? Yeah, yeah, it’s a rhetorical question.

By the way, Archbishop O’Malley, Kerry is nominally Catholic. Anything you want to say to him?

  • That’s just another argument against the too-frequent use of extraordinary eucharistic ministers.

    Of course, the mandate itself is the thing. And if a priest is exposed as ignoring it, then it’s another opportunity for a teaching moment by our Shepherd.

  • For one thing, Archbishop Burke’s order in La Crosse, Wisconsin, shows that the Church does have canon law that allows the bishop to deny Communion, that it’s not always just up to the individual’s conscience.

    The point of the ban is not just punishment, it is designed to teach and convert hearts. The Church provides for excommunications and other punishments in order to give sinners an opportunity to reform before it’s too late’s because there are plenty of ordinary ministers of the Eucharist on hand. Like at the Archbishop’s installation Mass. To which he was issued a VIP invitation. Along with Senator Kennedy.

    Both of whom were escorted via a special door to their seats by seminarians.

  • I read an article recently about Kerry’s practice of his religion. One person in his camp says he attends Mass when he’s in a town with a large Catholic community. Another claims he tries to go weekly.

    The apparent reality is that these guys don’t convert because Catholicism is a nice badge to wear when you’re trying to convince the little old Irish ladies in South Boston that you’d better represent them than that Jewish or Protestant fellow.

  • Kerry does play games because his web site omits the word “abortion” and instead uses the word “choice.”

    Joanne – the Church setting herself up to be the bad guy???????? 40 million murdered babies in 30 years….I think it is clear who the bad guys are.  The Bishop has a chance to be a good guy if he is willing to incur the headaches…

  • Hey Joanne,

    Yes, I was at the Mass. I’m a Cathedral parishioner and got to be an usher.

    In fact, our parish is so small that just about every parishioner got to be an usher!

    Father Murphy (the rector) and Bishop Lennon slipped us some extra passes for folks like those nuns you felt guilty about so don’t feel guilty! wink

    My station was at the door near the choir—the Kerry/Kennedy/Menino door. After they arrived, the seminarians loosened up a bit, the detail cops left, and we were able to let some other folks in.