Kerry’s hypocrisy on using religion

Kerry’s hypocrisy on using religion

John Kerry has criticized George Bush for seeking help from the Vatican, pushing US bishops to become more active in cultural issues, like gay marriage. Maybe it’s an attack of conscience or guilt that a Methodist has more affinity with the Church than a self-proclaimed Catholic does.

“Bush’s overt attempts to use houses of God as political organizations, and now lobbying the Vatican to play election politics, crosses the line,” Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan said yesterday. “While people of faith are important to the foundation of America’s value system, politicians should not exploit religious organizations for personal political gain; dimming reelection prospects are included.”

The hypocrisy! As if Kerry and every other Democrat doesn’t overtly campaign in mainly black churches, nevermind the fact that Kerry has suddenly rediscovered his Catholicism and brings an entourage with him whenever he goes to Mass. This hasn’t escaped the Bush campaign’s notice.

Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt replied: “During this campaign, John Kerry has repeatedly gone to churches and quoted Scripture from the pulpit, and used Bible verse to attack President Bush in the most inappropriate ways. This is just the latest example of a baseless attack from John Kerry.”