Kerry’s “Dukakis in the tank” moment?

Kerry’s “Dukakis in the tank” moment?

image Rich Galen at came up with the best caption for this photo: “Senator Kerry does his famous sperm imitation.”

This photo was on the front page of the Boston Herald this morning. I hope all the DNC delegates had fun waking up to this in the complimentary newspaper outside their hotel rooms this morning. Really, isn’t this the media handler’s nightmare. The first rule of public appearances is to never let the candidate look foolish. That’s what happened back in the 1988 campaign when another Massachusetts liberal running against a Bush for president had a bad photo-op. Michael Dukakis stuck a tanker’s helmet on his head and went for a ride in an Abrams tank, grinning like a fool, and generally looking completely un-cool and un-presidential.

Kerry’s photo doesn’t have the same potential for opposition adsuttle hatch. Dumb idea.

  • Looks like Kerry is attached to one of those small city streetcleaners… the ones that look like ride on mowers with a huge hose attached to it – and look what trash this one picked up!

    I was in Boston yesterday escorting visiting family members from Newfoundland. Boston is empty… no traffic, hardly any people, no lines shopping, no one in restaurants,  no lines anywhere. I am sure the vendors and stores are suffering tremendously due to loss of income (adding that to the admitted 50M this is costing MA taxpayers). Police are everywhere and in Faneuil Hall every conceivable news station has set up shop making it almost impossible to navigate around the area. We witnessed a ‘peace’ march/rally guarded by at least a hundred cops… in cars, on horseback and on foot (and one cop said “why don’t these people just get jobs”) while the people marching chanted “stop shopping, bombs are dropping”. Two guys held a large banner which said “BILLIONAIRES FOR BUSH” while sporting fancy evening wear and smoking huge stogies (no one was paying any attention to them). I walked by and my daughter and I called out “Babies for Bush!” which made us feel somewhat better and really, really clever wink.

    Well, it wasn’t a total loss, the Newfies loved Boston, think the Dems are dim and we got some Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers to use next April Fool’s Day on unsuspecting family members.

    All in all, it was a difficult day for a politically conservative soul. Not many friendly faces in that crowd!

  • My wife started watching a race one Sunday afternoon and greatly enjoyed the paint schemes on the cars. She decided to choose who to root for based on color. Her favorite that day was, as she called it, the “Tide car”. I thought that was pretty funny. She was not happy this past Sunday when I told her that, at Loudon, the “Tide car” just went into the corner and was knocked out of the race.

  • Mark Steyn had a piece in todaynt>

    2004-07-26 18:40:08
    2004-07-26 22:40:08 2004-07-27 11:26:55 2004-07-27 15:26:55 Welcome to the addictioin, Daniel. Actually Kasey Kahne, the #9 Dodge driver, wouldn’t be a bad driver to root for. He’s a rookie so he’s just beginning, but early this year he had a string of second place finishes and it’s only a matter of time before he wins a bunch. Ryan Newsman, #13 Alltell Dodge, is another good Dodge driver, who wins a lot.

    Of course, if you want to follow the crowd and be like 80 percent of the fans, you could be a Dale Earnhardt Jr., #8, fan. I have to admit I’m a fan, too, mainly because I was a fan of his father before he was killed in 2001.