Kerry’s bimbo eruption

Kerry’s bimbo eruption

Matt Drudge is reporting that John Kerry has had an affair with an employee and that everyone thinks this will ruin his chances at a nomination.

I thought that after Clinton this sort of thing didn’t matter anymore. In fact, I would think it would improve his chances as people compare him to Clinton and his real hero, JFK. (Notice Kerry likes to be called John F. Kerry.)

  • Nice polite way to accuse me of lying. Perhaps if you lived in Massachusetts and followed Kerry’s career you’d know this stuff. It was widely reported in the newspaper here that just about the time Kerry was beginning his campaign for the White House that his Senate office and campaign staff began asking reporters to refer to Kerry as “John F. Kerry” and that the documents coming from both started calling him that.

    The political coverage from the Boston Herald was all over it. If you’d like to spend the money, I’m sure a search through the Herald’s archives would reveal the proof to you.