Kerry Wrong For Catholics

Kerry Wrong For Catholics

The Republican Party has a new web site called Kerry Wrong For Catholics that, as they say, is “the information source about John Kerry’s record on the issues most important to Catholics.” Right up top is this quote by John Kerry from the Congressional Record of 1994: “Abortions need to be move out of the fringes of medicine and into the mainstream of medical practice.”

It then lists a series of issues and Kerry’s votes as well as quotes from Kerry on a variety of topics.

  • His positions would be so much more coherent if he simply said “I am not Catholic and do not believe in the Catholic faith.  And by the way, I am also stupid because I cannot offer any support for my positions but simply restate them or try to justify them with Roe vs. Wade!!!”

  • How anybody, Catholic or otherwise,  could vote for this hypocrite is a mystery.  If he were Amish, he’d be the only one in town with a home theatre system and high-speed internet.

  • The business manager, who works in my rectory, sports a “Kerry/Edwards” bumper sticker on her Toyota Camry.  I wish I could say I weren’t surprised.