Kerry in the Catholic Tradition

Kerry in the Catholic Tradition

J. Bottum of the Weekly Standard takes on Kerry’s Catholic conundrum.

Never was there a less Catholic moment in American politics.

Or maybe I mean a more Catholic moment in American politics—it’s all so confusing. If you’re a serious-enough Catholic to be tempted to vote in sectarian solidarity, then you’re also a serious-enough Catholic to dislike the pro-abortion Kerry. And if you’re a zealot who votes against anything with the least odor of Catholicism, then you probably don’t have much choice except Kerry, the Catholic. For where anti-Catholic bigotry in 1960 came mainly from the Evangelical right, it comes overwhelmingly in 2004 from the pro-abortion left—who certainly aren’t going to vote for Bush.

Kerry’s candidacy is not exactly a shining moment for Catholicism because he draws attention to the sharp divides among Catholics, especially in political matters.

There’s nothing exactly new here, but he puts a lot of it together in new ways.

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