John Kerry’s parish

John Kerry’s parish

The Weekly Standard profiles John Kerry’s “parish”, Boston’s Paulist Center. As the headline puts it, it’s “a curious kind of Catholic” church and “where people who hate the Church go to church.” that about sums it up.

There are no kneelers in the church and the atmosphere is decidedly casual. (Of the hundred or so people at Mass on Sunday morning, only two men wore coat and tie.) At times the Mass departs from the Catholic text. During the Nicene Creed, for example, the sections on believing in only “one Lord” (“We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God . . .”) and only “one holy Catholic and apostolic Church” are excised from the prayer.

  • “Orthodox Unitarians” had me LOL.  Thanks for an apt description for this center.

    At the rate things are going, the Last Judgment is going to be full of fireworks.

  • This is so frustrating. The problems with this “church,” (it’s not a parish, it’s a shrine…sorta), along with those of the “Jesuit Urban Center,” should be addressed PUBLICLY by the Archbishop. Why hasn’t that happened? Why didn’t it happen when Cardinal Law was in charge?

    (For those of you who know me, or think you do, please note that this is a clear critique of bishops. Thank you.)

    On the other hand, I cannot and will not accept protesters during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    The protesters mentioned in this article first showed up at my parish. I know many of them. I—and many parishioners—still told them to GO AWAY. In protesting during the Mass they pretty much screwed themselves.

    My plea is for Operation Rescue and their string groups to PLEASE not protest during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, wherever it may be held.

    A of D protesters: I urge you to go to the chancery (I’ll go with you!) or even to the Rectory where the archbishop lives. But leave the Mass the bleep alone.

    I might be wrong, but if the hierarchy in Boston would perhaps consider SAYING something about Mass abuses (and I’m not even getting into the Kerry thing) then maybe Christ’s Sacrifice wouldn’t be mocked. In both ways. Inside and outside the churches.

  • Hey I’m a convert from Unitarianism…the paulists were founded by a Unitarian convert….the paulist center is an insult to good old fashined yankee arianism!!