Jesuit spirituality

Jesuit spirituality

The Brookline, Mass., public high school held a conference for middle school and high school boys to distribute to them a sexually explicit handbook on gay sex. The conference and the authors of the booklet were funded by the Massachusetts taxpayer and a variety of corporate entities, including Staples, Bank of America, Sun Microsystems, the American Cancer Society, Ben and Jerry’s, Boston Mayor Tom Menino, and more. Oh did I forget to mention the Jesuit Urban Center?

Here’s what all those Jesuit-raised dollars paid for.


: Sexually explicit descriptions of gay activity and photos of male anatomy. Now if I have to put that warning up, remember that this booklet was given to children in their pre-teens. Among other things, the booklet lists gay bars and clubs in Boston. Why would underage boys need a listing of gay bars?

The conference coincided with the anniversary of the same-sex marriage law in Massachusetts. Remember what they’re always telling us: there’s no connection between gay marriage, homosexuality, and the luring of young boys into illegal and immoral homosexual activity. And there’s the Jesuit Urban Center right in the middle of it.

They’re just crying out to be suppressed.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli