Jesuit spirituality

Jesuit spirituality

The Brookline, Mass., public high school held a conference for middle school and high school boys to distribute to them a sexually explicit handbook on gay sex. The conference and the authors of the booklet were funded by the Massachusetts taxpayer and a variety of corporate entities, including Staples, Bank of America, Sun Microsystems, the American Cancer Society, Ben and Jerry’s, Boston Mayor Tom Menino, and more. Oh did I forget to mention the Jesuit Urban Center?

Here’s what all those Jesuit-raised dollars paid for.


: Sexually explicit descriptions of gay activity and photos of male anatomy. Now if I have to put that warning up, remember that this booklet was given to children in their pre-teens. Among other things, the booklet lists gay bars and clubs in Boston. Why would underage boys need a listing of gay bars?

The conference coincided with the anniversary of the same-sex marriage law in Massachusetts. Remember what they’re always telling us: there’s no connection between gay marriage, homosexuality, and the luring of young boys into illegal and immoral homosexual activity. And there’s the Jesuit Urban Center right in the middle of it.

They’re just crying out to be suppressed.

  • I sure am glad we’re a homeschool family.  That’s disgusting, but what can you expect from public schools and Jesuits? 

  • Jesuit Urban Center and ‘Catholic’  Regis College w/ Mary Jane England and the Sisters of St. Joseph involved with this pornographic endeavor, how can these people be believing and practicing Catholics and have their name and money attached to this garbage? 

    I cannot imagine the rabid outrage in my house if my middle school aged son were given this material. I am outraged that this trash was given to anyone… but will we hear an outcry? I don’t know. Brookline is a far different community now than it was when my mother grew up there and when I was a kid staying with my simple, hardworking and devout Irish born grandparents. What a sad difference 30 years have made in this state and especially in particular communities that drive the different agendas.

    What the hell is wrong with some people?

  • Any more when I hear “jesuit,” I think “heretic.”  On the otherhand, isn’t Fr. Fessio a Jesuit?  Maybe there’s hope, afterall!

  • So much to love…the explicit language, the graphic photos, the list of sexual “rights,” the gay bar directory in a pamphlet given to 14-year-olds, the fact that my money funded it, the fact that Catholic priests played a part in it all…

  • Is there a stronger word than “unbelievable”?
    How do we send this info to Rome?  Lives are literally at stake here, both temporally and eternally.

  • S..t by any other name is still s..t!  It is difficult to imagine just how repulsive all of this is.  How else can the battery and possible murder of young souls, minds and, yes, bodies be described?  Satan has sifted them like wheat—all, Jesuits inparticular here.

  • “[H]ow can these people be believing and practicing Catholics and have their name and money attached to this garbage?”

    Simple—they’re not.  There is no point in granting them the benefit of the doubt on “intention” when the actions speak so clearly.  They do not believe, and they are not walking with us as brothers and sisters.  There is no other plausible explanation.

    They are people who have made gods of their stomachs [metaphorically], and regions to the immediate south [literally].  Idolatry is the most popular sin around these days, and self-worship and gratification are the most obvious manifestations.  This is the clerical auxiliary of the Culture of Death in attack mode.  Get used to it.

  • TT: How do we send this info to Rome?  Lives are literally at stake here, both temporally and eternally.

    Tom, Tom. Rome doesn’t care.

  • Unworthy?  How could anyone conclude otherwise?  Rome knows about this garbage going on, it’s not like nobody’s ever given them a heads up on this kind of stuff.

    Rome chooses to do nothing.  It’s pie in the sky to think otherwise.

  • This story has been posted on Freerepublic and one poster mentioned that he is going to be faxing a copy of this pamphlet to Jordan Furniture so they can see what they have contributed to. I think that’s a great idea. Wonder if Menino knows what he put his name and money to endorse. Sadly, I think the Jesuit Urban Center probably has extra copies in the foyer of the parish.

  • Reason #87703757 to avoid public schools and reason #984274 to carefully scrutinize Catholic schools.

    Time to fax the General Superior of the Jesuits as well as the Papal Nuncio for the U.S.

    Freerepublic also had a great thread on the connection between the sodomite rights movement and the abortion industry…they’re sharing executive talent.

  • Sadly the website of the Jesuit Urban Center indicates their beliefs—ie the rainbow sash over the sacristy.  Is the local bishop responsible for rectifying errors in teaching or is the Jesuit General Superior responsible for such?

  • Roz: Rod, that:56:08
    2005-05-17 14:56:08
    John, I think too many people confuse “hope” with “optimism.” One can, and must, hope that God will not abandon us. But that doesn’t mean we have to be cheerfully upbeat when there is no reason to be, and in fact every reason not to be. The Pope himself, in his “God and the World” interview with Peter Seewald, responded to charges that he was infected by “pessimism” by noting that these days, one is called a pessimist when one only shows “healthy realism.”

  • Only the naive can still trust the hierarchy.  These stories keep coming at us.  Someone is out to destroy the Church.  That someone is succeeding.  Twenty-five plus years of head-in-the-sand have left us devastated.

  • I was thinking of e-mailing a letter to Ben and Jerry’s and to Staples telling them that our family will no longer buy their product/shop at their stores. 

    Should I include a link to the pamphlet with the e-mail, or will they know what I am talking about? 

  • You’ll need to include a link. The person who reads the email will have no idea what you’re talking about. Make sure you include a link to both the pamphlet and to the list of supporters.

  • Monica – Ben and Jerry’s can be categorized as a “usual suspect”.  They’ve long been activists in leftist/feminist arenas like abortion on demand. 

  • Until and unless we see otherwise from Pope Benedict, I think we should proceed on the hopeful assumption that the Vatican will sit up and take notice, and that things will change.

  • One can only imagine what the Catholics,including Fr. Walter Cuenin,pastor of Our Lady Help of Christians parish, who are planning to march in the June 11 Boston Gay Pride March and Festival will be promoting this year. Last year the theme was gay marriage with a service honoring Bp. Gene Robinson. Already the Catholics who marched in the Gay Pride Festival last year are getting ready for this year’s event on June 11. The following notice appears in “This Week at the jesuit Urban center-Boston” under “Upcoming Events/Community Postings”(last article):
    “JUC@Boston Pride
    This year,on Saturday,June 11, the JUC will join together with members of the paulist Center, Our Lady Help of Christians, and St. Ignatius of Loyola Church to participate in Boston’s Pride celebrations. We need your help in representing the JUC and in working with other Catholic communities…..”
    Will Archbishop O’Malley have reappointed Fr. Cuenin as pastor for another 6 years by then?
    Hopefully the Archbishop will have the courage to refuse to reappoint Fr. Cuenin! This whole movement that is reflected in the kind of “health” booklet given out to students in the Brookline High School (has Newton High School passed it out yet?) is an abomination. How can parents who object get any support from their pastors unless the Archbishop speaks up and leads them in opposition to what they are giving to our Catholic students in the public schools?
    Are these children to be totally abandoned?

  • It’s more than simply not reappointing a renegade and dissident pastor here and there who harms the morals of his flock and especially the young.  This whole nest of vipers that strike out at our young need to be cleaned out.  This responsibility rests upon the Archbishop and the Vatican.

    These people are culpable for the damage that results among any young who might be influenced by them.  They are sick, sad souls by any decent human standard let alone the Church of Jesus Christ.

  • This is sick, twisted stuff all right.  And ANY connection to ANY “Catholic” group is scandalous—no question about it.

    But please, read carefully.  The website (“Article 8”) only says that Regis College and the Jesuit Urban Center (and several others, including Mayor & Mrs. Menino) have given money to the AIDS Action Committee, which committee produced the offensive booklet.

    For each of these “Catholic” groups and individuals, the 2-degrees of separation from the disgusting pamphlet will most likely be used to fend off any of our complaints.  To wit:  “We only gave money to the AIDS Action Committee; it was meant to fight AIDS; we didn’t give directly to this obscene booklet.”

    Fair enough.  But we need to be able to come back at them with this:  “The AIDS Action Committee is on record as supporting unlimited homosexual genital activity, which the Church clearly proclaims to be disordered, objectively wrong and subjectively sinful.  No matter what the target is for the money you give to the AIDS Action Committee, it allows them to use your money and that of others for the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.  Whether your money went directly to the publication of this obscenity, you are partly responsible for its content, because you gave financial assistance to the organization that you should have known would produce such a booklet.”

  • Money is fungible, as we’ve learned so well in the Church in recent days. You can give it for one purpose, but it is easily redirected for any other purpose.

    Pet a rabid dog, but don’t be surprised if you get bit.

  • For anyone who’s interested, after a little Googling, here is what I’ve found:
    Archbishop Gabrel Montalvo
    U.S.Apostolic Nunciature
    3339 Massachusetts Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20008
    fax 202-337-4036
    Also, the Pope’s e-mail address is: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • I just e-mailed the Holy Father.  (Gee, that sounds weird.)  I’ll also write a letter to Abp. Montalvo.

  • At least I didn’t get a return message saying his mail box was full!

  • Rod: I’m afraid I’m with you on this one.  The recent appointment of Levada to the CDF has done nothing to assure me that Pope Benedict XVI is going to clean house in the US or anywhere else.  The Pope was head of the CDF (formerly the Holy Office and Inquisition) for what, 26 years?  What did he do then to correct things?  He wrote some good books and has made some good statements and, so far as I can tell, did nothing else.  If he didn’t have Pope John Paul II’s ear, no one did.  Rome can act when it wants to – when St. Poltyns (sp?) seminary was a problem, action came very, very swiftly.  Why there and not here?  I don’t know.  I’m taking a “wait and see” approach (at least I’m trying to) but there’s been years of waiting for the Vatican to correct things and precious little to see.

    On email the Pope – if anyone actually gets a response to their email, could you forward it as an attachment?  I’m just curious if the address is legitimate and would like to look at the full headers to see where it actually comes from.  I’m not saying it’s not genuine, I’m just… curious.

  • I saw this list and to me it is a smoking Gun. I am disgusted by it.

    Read closely. The Founder of the Aids Action Committee was outside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross protesting the Safety of Children for months. He is also the parishioner of the year (2002 or 3) at Walter Cuenin’s Parish in Newton. As I have said before those protests were never about the safety of children.

    The Jesuit Urban Center also sent protesters outside the Cathedral and attacked me on the web personally for my “orthodox” Teachings. An honor of course.

    The CEO of WCVB-TV was the First to call for Cardinal Law’s resignation. WCVB-TV has been located in Newton, former home of Paul Shanley, since 1972.

    Tufts University is the home of Suzin Bartley who runs the MCTF which sponsors TAT. Speaking out against her,  I received the Second of my two letters of reprimand.

    Harvard University Medical School is the home of the “Founder” of VOTF.

    Harvard was behind the Cathedral protests. According to VOTF the course taught on how to protest was taught at Harvard and according to the Carnegie Foundation was funded by that organization.

    Important questions: Was any abuse settlement money used to fund this? Why is the MA AG silent? My opinion is that the answers are obvious.

    Let me tell you what is at stake here: sexual addiction, education of rapists and victims of sexual abuse of children by well protected members of the teachers unions and their friends.

    Remember every rapist reads pornography. How many rapists are graduating from that school.

  •   I may be in error, but it is my understanding that the number of people employed by the Holy See is enumerated in 4 digits and may be inferior to the number employed by a middling American diocese such as Rochester or Syracuse.  While it is reasonable to suppose that Rome is indifferent to events in Boston, or, perhaps more precisely, that whatever concern Curial officials have is consciously trumped by some superordinate consideration (defensible or not) unknown to us, it may also be the case that the Curia is an apparat with a circumscribed quantum of ‘human resources’ consumed with other duties and tasks and addled by a massive information inflow. 
    If I read the newspapers correctly and they reported correctly, crucial to the dispatch with which Br. Krenn was removed and his seminary closed was the insistence of the Primate of Austria and others among the Austrian episcopacy that this had to happen.  We might consider that the economy of labor within the hierarchy of the Church is such that a grievance needs the appropriate ‘endorsements’ before it is routed to the correct officials and these officials can be persuaded to set aside other tasks and act.  It may be this factor that has been missing with regard to much of the trouble in American dioceses.  The Holy Father cannot be expected to read the Boston newspapers, but the Metropolitan of Boston can, as can the other bishops in his province. 
    It took the Holy See two years to dispose of the Auxilliary of Cape Town.  Is it all that plausible that the late Pope and the present one were indifferent to the rather pointed, malicious, and disgusting remarks about them made by one of their (subordinate) brother bishops? Is it not salient in evaluating that sequence of events that Bp. Cawcutt’s ordinary subsequently attempted to fob him off on some hapless congregation?
    Help may not be on the way because they’z fires all over town and the phone lines are jammed.  What is so wretched is that so many of our priests are arsonists.

  • If a minor youth is tested to see if he has the HIV infection at any clinic,including school clinics, that are sponsored by the Mass. Dept. of Public Health, and turns out positive for the HIV
    infection, that information is guaranteed to be kept secret from the parents.(HIV and AIDS Information for Young People pamphlet from the Mass. Dept of Public health website). The HIV/AIDS Bureau directors will tell any one who asks, that they leave any reporting for the minor youth to do himself.( I asked the former director, Jeanne McGuire, this question and she said that that is their policy.) Kevin Cranston, the current director of the HIV/AIDS Bureau stated that “young gay men are at particular risk for contracting HIV when they seek out partners in the adult gay community. The higher rate of HIV infection among older gay men in Massachusetts, many of whom Cranston says are experienceing “prevention fatigue” and are less careful about practicing safer sex, puts youth at great risk for contracting the virus when they choose adult partners.”(BayWindows,“HIV in youth on rise”, by Ethan Jacobs,July 10,2003)
    I wrote to Atty. Gen. Reilly’s office to ask if any of these”older gay men with “prevention fatigue” were reported to legal authorities to stop them from spreading the HIV infection. The written response I received from Kurt N. Schwartz,Asst. Atty. Gen., was ” I do not know the answers to your two questions because these matters more squarely fall within the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Health.”
      If the parents don’t know and there is no report of the incident to legal authorities, older gay men must be having a “hay day” using minor youth to serve their sexual pleasures.

  • You have some good points there, Art.  The channels of communication are probably the old ones to a large degree and that explains why the delays, oddities and totally weird omissions in dealing with some of this stuff.

  • P.S. Fr. Robert Carr asked what the Atty. Gen. was doing about the way our youth are being indoctrinated into the same-sex sex agenda, esp. by teachers. There is no way that Atty. Gen. Reilly will go against the “Queen of the Hill(Beacon Hill)”, namely Arline Isaacson, who is both the head lobbyist for the Mass. Teachers Assoc.(MTA) and the head lobbyist for the GLBT,GLESN,MassEquality,etc.. It would be interesting to see what Atty. Gen. Tom Reilly would say if he,himself,had to directly answer the questions I asked him about reporting the “older gay men with ‘prevention fatigue’” that Kevin Cranston said were infecting the youth. But,instead, he had Kurt Schwartz answer for him. I have copies of the 2 letters I received and my 2 letters with the questions that Kurt Schwartz answered if anyone wants to see them. I’ll be away until May 24 but anyone interested in pursuing this travesty further can email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  • My favorite part of the pamphlet (I am pretty unshockable … probably not my most appealing characteristic as a human being, but there it is) was this:
    Condoms are still the most reliable protection against STDs a gay boy can have (next to abstinence, but how much fun is that?)
    That’s what it’s all about, Alfie. Fun. Homosexuals won’t curb their appetites because it wouldn’t be fun. And they want everyone else to pay for their AIDS medications, millions of dollars per person—in the cause of fun?!?!?!

  • “Remember every rapist reads pornography. How many rapists are graduating from that school.”

    That is a great point, Fr. Carr. What those kids got is certainly no worse than what is easily accessible on the internet, or on cable tv, though obviously the major difference is that their *educational institution* is endorsing it, as opposed to being just put out there by some anonymous sleazeball. 

    At the risk of being a one-themed wonder: Porn is such an integral part of the culture of death, and as Victor notes above about homosexual sex, thought of as harmless “fun.” Is it such a shock that a society that embraces abortion would embrace the disordered behavior that contributes to it? It’s truly wonderful to provide material and emotional support to those who find themselves with an unintended pregnancy, but how much better would it be if a concerted effort was made by prolifers to interrupt the chain of events that often leads to abortion, of which porn is a part? The evangelicals get this, which is why I’m diverting most of my $$ these days from my parish collection to their organizations, and could also be a part of why their churches are reportedly booming.

    God bless all   smile 

  • Do Catholics still have a serious obligation, binding under pain of mortal sin to send their children to Catholic schools? It seems like some of the Baptist schools might provide a more decent family-oriented environment.

  • “It seems like some of the Baptist schools might provide a more decent family-oriented environment.”

    No obligation that I’m aware of, but undoubtedly a conservative Christian school would teach children how to be better Catholics than many Catholic schools.

    Regards –

  • A conservative Christian school would teach children to be conservative Christians, but they would all be Baptists or other denominations, not Catholic.  In general, the more morally conservative the denomination/school, the more they dislike the Catholic Church.  Ecumenism is a liberal farce.

  • Sorry Dom, that this is off track, but as one who went to a conservative Christian school I must disagree with Monica2.
    It could be that particular administration, but I never felt-nor did my parents-that we were disliked or unfavorable.  I never heard a bad word about the Church from the Superintendents to the teachers. 

    In fact, I dare say that it made me a much stronger Catholic because kids were always asking me about why we did the things we do as Catholics, and I found that I had to defend the faith, had to learn more about it so that I could explain it.

    Interestingly enough, my parents sent all of us kids to the Christian school instead of the Catholic grade and high school because they wanted us to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and live a moral life, not to mention they wouldn’t have to worry about a dissenting Catholic religion teacher teaching us kids the wrong stuff.  We knew what we were hearing in Bible class was a protestant view, and often our Bible teachers would ask the class to find out what our own faiths taught about certain scriptures or teachings.

    But do your research, that’s your best bet.

    Now, back on topic…say maybe I’ll post this topic at my site. hmm.

  • What JenB said. My five-year-old son is in a hybrid homeschooling program at a small, very conservative Presbyterian school in our neighborhood. We’re very satisfied with it. My wife and I figure we have a better chance of keeping him Catholic there than at anything run by this diocese.

    By the way, we’re having a robust discussion of this over at the Dallas Morning News blog. I won’t recap it for you here, but I’m battling two of my colleagues over the issue. All three of us have been on the phone to various people in Boston about it. GLSEN claims that this material was not at the conference. Article 8, the parents’ group, says two of their investigators picked it up at the Fenway Health table (FH is a clinic), where it was out for anybody to take—and there were lots of kids there. I called Fenway Health this morning, and the spokesman said that FH did in fact have a table there, but he could “neither confirm nor deny” that this pamphlet was distributed. He said he was trying to find out, and that he’d call me back.

    I’m also learning that there’s a lot more to come out soon about that conference.

  • Well it seems to me that there is a Catholic church in Boston that has been occupied by sodomites – maybe we could go take this beautiful building back while they are all marching in the “Gay Pride” parade in June (which the Jesuit Urban Center pridefully does every year)?

  • This just in from the clinic spokesman:



    Fenway Community Health expressed regret for accidentally making available
    HIV prevention materials designed for people over 18 years of age at an
    April 30 conference attended by middle school and high school-age students,
    educators, public health workers, college students and others.

    “Fenway Community Health regrets accidentally making available a small
    number of copies of the Little Black Book, an HIV prevention publication for
    gay and bisexual men over the age of 18, at an event where young people were
    present,” said Dr. Stephen Boswell, Fenway Community Health’s President &
    CEO.  “Distributing materials with adult prevention messages at events
    attended by youth is not Fenway policy.  The outreach worker staffing
    Fenway’s table that day has been instructed in the correct use of
    educational materials and all of our outreach workers will receive
    additional training to ensure that a similar incident does not occur in the

    The Little Black Book, a publication for twenty-something gay and bisexual
    men, contains information on preventing the transmission of HIV and other
    STDs as well as public health resources and information on social support

    “Fenway management will be looking at steps to strengthen oversight of our
    outreach initiatives and ensure that all future outreach efforts use
    materials that are appropriate for the target audience,” continued Boswell.
    “This is an isolated incident and I think it would be unfortunate to use it
    as an excuse to attack HIV prevention education and outreach efforts.
    Carefully crafted messages targeting people at risk for contracting HIV have
    helped us reduce new infections in this country more than 60 percent.  It is
    critical that we continue to employ strong and accurate HIV prevention
    messages in order to bring the number of new infections even lower.”

    There are between 20,000 and 22,000 people in Massachusetts living with
    HIV/AIDS and one-third of them are unaware that they are infected.  HIV
    infections among young people are on the rise in Massachusetts, increasing
    nearly 40-percent between 1999 and 2002 and one-third of HIV infections in
    the state are among gay and bisexual men.



  • Rod and JenB:  I’m glad your experiences have been positive.  Mine haven’t been, so I wrote from that perspective.

  • >>A conservative Christian school would teach children to be conservative Christians, but they would all be Baptists or other denominations, not Catholic<<

    I am chairman of the board of a conservative Christian school in NH. We have many Catholic students and would like to start a CCD program after school. Our religious aspirations for our students do not extend beyond that they know the saving reality of our mutual Lord and savior, we leave specific teaching about churches and such to parents and pastors.

    Not very Catholic, but not at all anti.

  • Jim Noble:  I am glad to hear that my experience does not seem to be the norm. 

  • Many here seem quite happy with the education provided by some of the Christian (non-Catholic) schools. And the drift I am getting is that for Catholics there may not be any obligation to send your children to Catholic schools.  This somewhat contradicts what I was told by a conservative priest that there was such an obligation. However, I do not have the official Church references or documentation to support his claim, so i don’t know if it was only a personal opinion or not.
    I notice that the Baptist college in this area is quite conservative and pro-family and offers a decent curriculum, which contradicts rather sharply with a Catholic Jesuit college that I am familiar with in the New England area. At this Jesuit college, they celebrated Ash Wednesday by having students participate in the lewd pro-lesbian play the V_ monologues.

  • From Rod’s post of the Fenway Community “Health” press release:

    Even when they’re expressing “regret” for their actions, they try to minimize the damage (”…a small number of copies of the Little Black Book…” – akin to, “Well, the good Fr. X only diddled a couple of boys”), and they can’t resist throwing in a bit of self-serving propaganda at the end of their expression of “regret”. 

    Notice also that the director states that the “outreach worker” has been “instructed in the correct use of ‘educational’ materials”.  Oh, gee, that’s reassuring.  Was the “outreach worker” so instructed before or after this little incident? 

    Putting sexually explicit materials into the hands of minors results only in further “instruction” for the outreach worker and his / her colleagues.  There’s accountability for ya, folks!  Just as a condom can help you dodge the possible consequences of sexual activity, so “further instruction” can help ensure your group dodges the consequences of putting porn into minors’ hands.  Note that they don’t try “abstinence” from the problem by firing the “outreach worker”. 

    Alfredo – Go ahead…you can name the college that ran the V-monologues.  I’m ashamed to say it was my alma mater, the College of the “holy cross” in Worcester, MA.  The president of “holy cross”, Rev. Michael McFarland, SJ, offered a half-a**ed “apology” after that little incident – an “apology” that amounted to nothing more than a staunch defense of the episode, garnished with a feeble expression of regret that it coincided with Ash Wednesday.