Jeremy Lott on Deal Hudson

Jeremy Lott on Deal Hudson

At the risk of being accused once more of anti-Deal Hudson bias (would someone please tell me when I have actually attacked the man?), here are links to stories by Jeremy Lott in The American Spectator and on the Get Religion blog. (Although I suppose if I’m to be accused, then Amy Welborn should be accused as well, since I’m just following her lead.)

I don’t agree with Lott at all points and he gets some of the details wrong. The Catholic League’s press release was pulled because of the outrage when they dismissed the Fordham accuser as a “drunk”, in a classic and tasteless blame-the-victim tactic, not because of any new accusations. But he does get it right to point out that all of those who were willing to drop the dime on Deal to the odious National Catholic Reporter were his ideological mates, not liberal opponents. That appears to continue in the later Washington Times article.

The whole mess stinks to high heaven.

  • I am not Catholic, but I did subscribe to Crisis and received the magazine for a year. I was greatly impressed by what I read in that journal, and look to renew my subscription, which lapsed back in August. All of this makes me very uneasy. I am afraid that a good magazine is going to be damaged by what appears to be some people with an agenda.

    I am most disturbed by the decision of some to reject an award presented by a magazine when, as far as I can tell, the magazine itself never did anything wrong. Unless one thinks that Mr. Hudson simply didn’t deserve to be employed by a Catholic magazine. Is that what this is all about?

    Here’s what I know: a man did something very wrong back in ‘94. Some have alleged that he continues to behave improperly today. Those making these allegations have given interviews to a liberal Catholic newspaper, which reported the story. Now the man in question has been forced out of his job & forced out of a position advising the President. I honestly want to understand all this. Like I said, I enjoy Crisis Magazine, and am afraid all of this will eventually spill over into that journal’s production.