I’ve been blog-spammed

I’ve been blog-spammed

Last night some slimy (&^$&#$ spammer, spammed the comment boxes. About 90 blog entries got hit. I apologize to everyone who received spurious “someone has responded to your post” messages. My mailbox had 70 of them this morning. I’ve taken steps to block this spammer (and deleted every one of his comments), but of course we know how clever these scumbags are.

Unfortunately, if it happens again, I am going to have to turn on “registered users only” commenting. And then only people who are registered (see the little box above the first blog entry) and logged in can post. I hate to do it because it limits comments from those who just want to be casual commenters or the like, but I’d rather that than comment threads filled with spam.

  • Well look at it this way Dom. At least they have good taste or they wold not have spammed you. They must think you are getting enough attention to make it worth while to “advertise” on your blog. ;>) So in a round about way it’s a compliment.

  • It was a not-too-cleverly-hidden advertisement for an online casino. It consisted of a generic compliment: “I love your site!” and the equivalent, followed by a link to his casino.