It’s O’Malley

It’s O’Malley

I’m told by a reliable source that they’re certain that it will be Bishop Sean O’Malley named as archbishop of Boston. This is a trusted source and he doesn’t say if it will be tomorrow, but he definitely believes it will be O’Malley. If he’s saying then I believe it.

By the way, rumors are not journalism or news reporting. As I have said before, rumors should not be taken as fact. I just think people might like to know what I’m hearing regardless of whether it can be definitively corroborated. (It’s a shame I even have to put that, but some people… you know.)

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  • Well, we’ll see.

    Meanwhile, in the post-Missa Rosary department:

    Probably a year and a half ago, after praying for the Pope’s intentions after the Rosary, we started praying for the Archdiocese of Boston and for Cardinal Law.

    Then, after Bishop Lennon came along, we prayed for the Archdiocese of Boston, and our Archbishop Richard, and our Archbishop Emeritus Bernard.

    A few months ago, somebody suggested we include priests in our prayers. And so, the petitions included the Archdiocese of Boston, our Archbishop Richard, our Archbishop Emeritus Bernard, and all our priests.

    Today at Mass, the celebrant asked that we remember “our possible new bishop, Sean O’Malley” in our prayers.

    And so—you guessed it—after praying for the Holy Father’s intentions, we prayed for the Archdiocese of Boston, Bishop Richard Lennon, Bishop Emeritus Bernard Law, Bishop Sean O’Malley, and (whew) all our priests.

    Which is fine, naturally. I’m all for it, even though it’s starting to resemble a litany!

    When it’s my turn to lead the prayers, I offer up a silent plea that I remember everybody’s name! This is important, since once I actually bumbled the name of the Holy Father, calling him “His Holiness, Pope John…uh…Pope Paul…uh, oh, Pope John Paul.” And then added, “the SECOND!” Sheesh.

    And while the Holy Father gets an Our Father, an Ave, and a Glory Be, the others just get an Ave.

    Seems to me we’re asking an awful lot of Our Lady!

    When I half-jokingly expressed this concern to the priest, he assured me that, indeed, Our Lady could handle it. wink

    I’m sure she can.

    (And with her help, I guess we can too.)