It’s not just schadenfreude

It’s not just schadenfreude

To be clear, I’m not just gloating over the disappointment and sadness of those who wanted Kerry to win. It’s the absolute fear and hatred of Bush and those who voted for him that I find incomprehensible. Look at this article about how people in the People’s Republic of Cambridge reacted to the election:

“I wouldn’t want to live in Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, where they’re so concerned about how much you go to church and how moral you are,” Corcoran said. “At least I live here. I wouldn’t want to live anyplace else.” …

That as many people put moral values over the enormous practical problems of this country is astounding,” Bohlig said. “We’re all concerned about moral issues, but still.”

Listen to what they’re saying; They don’t think morality is important. Perhaps, just perhaps, morality has some bearing on the practical issues. And they phrase their disappointment in apocalyptic terms. Take reflection from a Brit over our election.

If people seemed disproportionately miserable yesterday, then it is because, he believes, the election result is not abstract political background to the daily business of living; there are many who will feel that George Bush in the White House compromises their personal safety. “There might be a feeling that a dirty bomb exploding in London is more likely to happen with the policies pursued by a Bush government.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • “…a dirty bomb exploding in London is more likely to with the policies pursued by a Bush government.”

    Well for the Bush=Hitler crowd, terrorism hardly existed prior to the current US administration, so we are responsible for any terrorism that does exist.

    We are responsible for the 3000 murdered on 9/11, not al Qaeda.  You see, if we were more tolerant and excepting of others then al Qaeda would not have attacked us.

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    Interesting map (dittos on the “well done”).  I’m curious to see the final data.  The cancer appears to be shrinking in the Southeast and Rust Belt, but gobbling up the remains of New England and making some inroads in the Mountain states.