It’s good for my humility

It’s good for my humility

Despite being nominated in four categories, I didn’t win a single award in the 1st Annual St. Blog’s Awards. However, I did come in (a distant) second to Mark Shea in the category of Best Blog by a Man. It was an honor to be nominated, et cetera, et cetera. Now how much do I have to pay per vote to win next year?

  • Hey, whaddya talkin’? It’s now Tuesday, 7:15 PM ET—the polls don’t close ‘til noon tomorow.

    Anyway, with all due respect for the others, I would’ve bet money that you’d ace the “Best Presentation” category. Presentation COUNTS, Charleen! grin

    Seriously, this blog works well, I think. It’s clean, good looking, yet informative, and very intuitive. And not too many—actually none that I can think of offhand—have the option of having an e-mailed notification of a response.

    You don’t need to pay for votes, Domenico. Instead, take the dough and hire ME as your campaign manager!

  • I agree Kelly it’s one of my favorites and that’s because you don’t wade through lots of other stuff just to get the main points and the set-up is good too.  Don’t care what the polls show this is still my favorite blog and then down in order from there to all the rest on the list. I have my favorites bookmarked and this is the top one. So there’s ya two votes Dom, and no need to pay us. ;>)

  • Okay, GOR weighs in…come on people, we’ve got work to do!

    Charleen, you can be the spokes-person. Also the woman-on-the-street type who just happens to give her opinion, of the cuff. (You’ll need at least one change of clothes, though—nobody should guess that you’re the same person!)

    GOR, you can be the reporter. You know, the one who interviews all the “candidates.” You know what to do. wink

    And I? I shall be the one who brings it all together, naturally!

    One thing—does the winner need to wear a banner, or even worse….a tiara????

    [into singing mode]

    “Oh, there he is…Mister Blog-er-i-ca,
    There he is…my ideal…”

    Dom stop blushing. Or maybe not. You’re kinda cute when you blush. wink

  • Okay Kelly I can do that easily enough and yeah I agree with you on your last comment. ;>)

    Smile Dom at least you know that some of us care about your opinion at least. So now you can really start blushing! LOL

  • Jeff!!! Two lousy votes away from “Funniest Blog” (I voted for you on that one.) Ah, politics. Being from Boston, where “vote early and often” is our motto, I tried to vote more once but those sly folks wouldn’t let me.

    Okay, it’s never too early to get started—just ask Hillary! How’s this:


    Now we need one for Jeff, too. I can’t think of anything good that rhymes with “jester,” can you?