It’s Cardinal Law’s fault he wasn’t indicted

It’s Cardinal Law’s fault he wasn’t indicted

The lawyer for some of the alleged victims of abuse in Boston says his clients are angry about the announcement by the Mass. attorney general that he wouldn’t seek indictments against any bishops in Boston.

A lawyer who represents more than 100 alleged victims in the clergy sexual abuse scandal, and two of the victims, said at a news conference yesterday that they were disappointed that criminal indictments are not expected against Cardinal Bernard F. Law and his top subordinates in the Boston Archdiocese. The lawyer, Mitchell Garabedian, said, ‘‘My clients are extremely disappointed and angry that the archdiocese and the leaders of the archdiocese have once again found a way to get around the law to avoid responsibility and not be held accountable.’’ Ann E. Donlan, spokeswoman for Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly, declined to comment on Garabedian’s statements except to say the office is focused on releasing its report to the public quickly. The Rev. Christopher J. Coyne, spokesman for the archdiocese, said, ‘‘The archdiocese had nothing to do with the process, other than to comply and respond as we did.’‘

Somehow, Garabedian always brings it back to Cardinal Law being responsible for everything that goes on. He must think he’s the most powerful man in Massachusetts to have everyone so wrapped around his finger.

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  • You have to appreciate Reilly’s professional sense of timing.  The announcement that all his investigating was going to lead to no legal action was dropped into the weekend news at the peak of vacation time; his report denouncing the bishops will be released on a Tuesday.