It’s branding time!

It’s branding time!

I think I’m going to order one of these just so I can wear it around the Boston area and watch people’s reactions.

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  • Interesting the comment on the French.  As someone whose middle name is RENE, I can attest that it’s not easy being of French ancestry.

    At my wedding, my wife’s uncle asked my dad, “What kind of name is Soucy anyway?”.
    My dad replied it was French, and that was it.  Unc’s brother was killed in France in WWII, and Unc was holding it against all French.  Only issue here is Unc’s family arrived in North America in the 1800’s, while the first froggy in my dad’s family hopped onto this continent only 20 years behind the pilgrims in 1640.

    I think “F France” would be better, (I’D WEAR THAT ONE) but as WE F’s SAY:  C’EST LA VIE..


    P.S.  I sent the BRAND W to all my old Army buddies.