Isn’t this judicial misconduct of some kind?

Isn’t this judicial misconduct of some kind?

Read the heartwarming story of Bishop Gumbleton and his fellow liberals, arrested at “the Bishops Mass in Nov. 2002”. Read how the judge in their trespassing trial sympathized with them and apologized on behalf of the Catholic Church, even though she’s not Catholic. Read how she acknowledged their guilt, but refused to do her duty.

Then read how the judge decided to retire and go to Washington Theological Seminary and ended up interning at one of the defendants’ parishes. Then it gets even better because they celebrated Mass with her last November. How heartwarming. How stomach-turning.

This is exactly why we need to give our judiciary a complete overhaul. We need to get rid of these liberal activist judges who don’t want to enforce the law, but want to create it according to their own whims.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli