Isn’t this judicial misconduct of some kind?

Isn’t this judicial misconduct of some kind?

Read the heartwarming story of Bishop Gumbleton and his fellow liberals, arrested at “the Bishops Mass in Nov. 2002”. Read how the judge in their trespassing trial sympathized with them and apologized on behalf of the Catholic Church, even though she’s not Catholic. Read how she acknowledged their guilt, but refused to do her duty.

Then read how the judge decided to retire and go to Washington Theological Seminary and ended up interning at one of the defendants’ parishes. Then it gets even better because they celebrated Mass with her last November. How heartwarming. How stomach-turning.

This is exactly why we need to give our judiciary a complete overhaul. We need to get rid of these liberal activist judges who don’t want to enforce the law, but want to create it according to their own whims.

  • If that story doesn’t convince your readers, Dom, this one should.

    Not everyone likes the style of WorldNetDaily, so I did some checking.  Other news sources have reported it as well, though in less detail.

    If I’m not mistaken, Temple University is the place where Leonard Swidler, who crafted the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, teaches.  Swidler is the creater of the Global Dialogue Institute, which is or was listed among the organizations belonging to Lucis Trust, according to the Lucis Trust website New Group of World Servers. 

    I don’t know if there is a connection, but the New Group of World Servers has some powerful backers, so I wouldn’t rule it out. 

    There are people out there who really hate Catholics.

  • Conspiracy, or just like-minded people working for their own interests?  Those interests being anti-Catholic.  The Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church is hardly orthodox.  This group supports Call to Action, Sr. Grammick, Fr. Nugent, Hans Kung—all of which I’m sure you already know.  As they say, birds of a feather…  I just find it interesting that the story seems to reflect communist tactics (if you don’t like what they think, ship them off to a mental institution).  What the shippee was doing in this case was defending Christ & the Church.  What sorts of circles consider that a crime?  The ones who want the Church to change, wouldn’t you agree?  Lucis Trust certainly falls into that category.  It’s perhaps nothing more than an interesting coincidence. 
    But don’t underestimate the powers of hell, Dom.

  • I’m not saying that ARCC is a good group by any means. But I just don’t think the fact that one out of how many hundreds of employees at Temple also belongs to ARCC is a sign that Temple is part of a grand anti-Catholic conspiracy. If he were the president or dean, that would be one thing.

    I also agree that the attempt to have the guy committed was seriously scary. But the situations are bad enough on their own without positing a conspiracy.

    Of course, on one level there is a conspiracy by the powers of hell, that all evil in the world is connected, but I don’t think it’s a conscious connection on the part of most people.

  • I think you would agree, though, that there is a conscious agreement on the part of a great many that the Church is the enemy?  It has always been that way.  Christ warned us that it would be.

    What could have motivated those in charge to attempt to dump this young man in a mental hospital?  I can understand that things may have gotten out of hand and the police had to be called, but a mental hospital…?  He was swiftly released after examination, so obviously he wasn’t acting like a raving mental patient.

    Anti-Catholicism is not a new phenomenon.  The Know Nothing Party was a conspiracy of sorts. 

    You may be right that there is nothing of this kind at Temple, but it’s just interesting that the home of ARCC and Global Dialogue Institute is also located at Temple University.  At least it’s worth filing in the back of your mind to await further developments if there are any.