Is the photo worth a thousand words?

Is the photo worth a thousand words?

Okay, I’ve received several emails on this. Apparently, Time magazine had a photo in its June 21, 2004 issue (p. 34) that shows John Kerry receiving Communion. According to the group Tradition in Action, the photo shows Kerry receiving a “bleeding” Host, which they conclude depicts a baby enveloped in a bloody white cloth. (To me it looks like a red blob and an indistinct white blob.) I’ve attempted to find the original photo, but according to the Time web site archives, there was nothing in the June 21 issue about Kerry and the Communion issue. If someone actually subscribes to Time and still has a copy of this issue, could they look at it an tell me what they see? What do you think it is? I have to admit, I’m more than a little skeptical.

  • Eegads. These people (TIA) make those of us who are concerned with this very legitimate issue look like kooks.

  • This issue has been hashed over before. The best explanation I heard was that the red is from the flag to the right of Kerry. There is some white from the wall to his right that can be seen between his lips. I am assuming the white that is between the red and Kerry’s hand is the Eucharist.

  • Maybe just a weird coincidence but fruitful image for reflection. The bottom line is that Bloody John loves abortion.

    I mean, how can you vote against Lacey and Connor’s law? How can you vote for partial birth abortion?

  • Maybe just a weird coincidence but fruitful image for reflection.

    No it isn’t. It’s a monstrosity, a perversion, and a perfect example of people “waiting for miracles.”  Testing God, if you will, sorta like the folks in yesterday’s Gospel (and many, many Gospels did.) “Show us a miracle, God—use Time magazine if absolutely necessary!”

    Joanne is absolutely correct. “Tradition in Action”, like sooooooooo many “Catholic” groups (okay maybe one or two) do an absolute grand job of screwing things up.

    I mean, how can you vote against Lacey and Connorbeen reached, no, embraced by this country as a whole years and years ago.

    “Euthanasia” comes immediately to mind, as does “assisted suicide.”

    Practices like these—and there rabid adherents—have been around for a long time.

    Murder is acceptable, Thomas. Legal, and acceptable.

    I know of a woman who, after her legal abortion, asked the hospital chaplain to please bless “the baby.” He did. And I found out this is not an extraordinary circumstance.

    Why anybody is surprised to learn that Americans find murder acceptable…surprises me.

    Americans—not just John Kerry, but Americans, and come to think of it, Planet Earth Inhabitants in general—already find murder acceptable.

    The job is to figure out a way to convince America that murder is not acceptable.

    Good luck to us and to the Red Sox.



  • Kelly

    I really hope that we can see this become a reality in our lifetime.

    That’s in reference to the idea that America realizes murder is not acceptable. 

    I wasn’t referring to the Red Sox winning the Series.  I mean I’m optimistic about stuff but I’m not nuts!! I mean C’MON…

  • Christine

    I won’t speak for Kelly,( mostly because she’s a nutty Red Sox fan) so I’ll speak for me. 

    I’m a big believer in miracles.  I’ve been a witness to more than one miracle in my life.  I’m talking about “suspending the laws of physics” kinda miracle.  I saw it, I acknowledged that it could only happen through the supernatural power of God, and I immediately got back to what I was doing (which was a rosary on the side of a mountain). 

    What I am taking from Kelly’s statement is that miracles happen to supplement and affirm our faith.  Too many people base their faith on an impending miracle.  (Kelly feel free to correct me if I was interpreting you wrong)  And yes I too have been guilty from time to time pleading to the Lord for a miracle.  But when I settle down, I realize my faith is not predicated on supernatural events.  The people who wait for miracles are left missing the big picture

  • Hey, what HAPPENED to my post? My last one, I mean…I scarcely recognize it. For one thing, I apologized to Tom for being sarcastic earlier in it and that disappeared! It looks like the first part was cut off (and the formatting is gonzo.) Anyway, sorry for the earlier sarcasm, Thomas.

    Yeah, Jamie…what you said. (Also, I’m saddened when people base their faith on “supposed” miracles.)

  • You know it took me three days to finally get the Clarence reference! 

    Funny stuff! And I can be a bit slow

  • Oh Christine, good grief.  Miracles do happen.  It’s just that no one knows if this is one unless they were there, I guess.

    It’s pretty hard to tell anything from the photo, and I doubt the reporter from Time Magazine, fanatic that he probably is, will be able to tell anyone anything except hooray, he got the pic his boss wanted.

  • The host is red because It is the Body of Christ The white is His appearance in the form of bread. God is present in every soul that is created. Since all have His image and Likeness it is a revelation of this truth in the souls of aborted babies. Kerry is in mortal sin and making a sacriligious communion!  His sin is not just individual . Because he is a public figure he is answerable for all those he leads into grave error.  He has excommunicated himself from the Church and this should be made known! ArchBishop O’Malley must do all he possibly can to save the souls of his parishoners. Kerry as a parishoner is included. He must again be taught the ten commandments. There can be no compromise with God’s laws.