Iraq as a political cudgel

Iraq as a political cudgel

Surprise, surprise. The Democrats are planning to use information dug up by a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the Iraq war as a political bludgeon against President Bush in next year’s elections, according to a copy of a leaked memo.

The memo talks about using the Republican committee chairman as a dupe to allow the Democrats access to classified information that they would then use politically. But, of course, Democrats are only concerned about the security of the country and not their own political power.

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  • (I’d expect a little more civility and charity from a fellow Franciscan University graduate.)

    The Knights of Columbus are secret society (they have secret rituals). Are they included in a blanket ban? No. Leo XIII did not include every secret society ever in his ban, just ones the are anti-Catholic. And nothing I have seen tells me that Skull and Bones is anti-Catholics.

    I think you need to calm down a little. You ask: “why would a president take billions from his own people at the expense of his own people to support a war machine that kills other human beings?”

    I see. And I suppose that means you think fighting in World War II was immoral, too. How pro-life is that.

    Plus you’re confusing two different issues between the living wage and fighting a war on terror. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

    We just saved millions of people from living under a brutal regime that thought nothing of torturing and killing its own people and people of other nations. I think that’s pretty pro-life.

    To quote you: Get real.