Indians 22, Yankees 0

Indians 22, Yankees 0

So, the Yankees, ha, ha, ha, ha .... From a 10 game lead in the AL East to 3-1/2 games, ha, ha, ha, ha…. I may actually need that Yankee Pot Roast recipe because pretty soon I’ll be wanting o say, “Stick a fork in them, they’re done.”

  • Man oh man was that ugly! Though a Cardinal fan – note to Yank’s fans: THE BEST 3rd baseman in MLB resides in St. Louis and his name is Scott Rolen – I love the AL East pennant races year in and year out. Dom, I’m hoping that your Sox move past the Yanks and play St. Louis for all the marbles. (Winner receives a lovely pint Guinness?) Additionally, I hope they call Daubach up for the forty man. Local boy that made it to the bigs and is the pride of St. Augustine’s parish…

  • Yes, I like Daubach, too. We call him the “Belleville Basher.” And although I already have a friendly wager with Jaime about who gets further into the playoffs—the Twins or the Soxthe heartland and don’t get much Sox news, help me out. Whatever happened to Yaz? Man, when I was a kid I loved watching that dude hit. Does he hang around the club? Have they moved Daubach up yet? Gimme the lowdown…