“…in as little as a month.”

“…in as little as a month.”

Rich Galen points out that, contrary to what Kerry and his media buddies are saying, the report on WMD in Iraq is not a slam dunk against Bush. Instead, as even the New York Times has reported, Saddam was ready to re-start production of biological weapons in as little as a month.

“Mr. Duelfer said in the report that Iraq had made a conscious effort to maintain the knowledge base necessary to restart an illicit weapons program. He said that Iraq had essentially put its biological program “on the shelf” after its last production facility, Al Hakam, was destroyed by United Nations inspectors in 1996, and could have begun to produce biological [weapons] in as little as a month if it had restarted its weapons program in 2003.”

Galen also notes that Saddam, with the complicity of corrupt countries being bribed through the Oil-For-Food program, he had access to billions of dollars to restart the program, and was just waiting for sanctions to be lifted so he could return to his megalomaniacal plan for Middle East domination.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli