Imesch honors accused clergy

Imesch honors accused clergy

I’m not sure which is the bigger story: that Bishop Joseph Imesch of Joliet, Illinois, was interrupted by a protester during a Holy Week Mass or that Imesch was honoring two clergy accused of molesting minors.

Let’s quickly recall who Imesch is. Okay?

So last Monday, at the Chrism Mass, Imesch engages in his customary practice of using the Mass to honor priests who have reached milestones. Among them was Fr. Salvatore Formusa, 90, who has been removed from ministry after the diocese announced just the previous Sunday that he had been credibly accused of sex abuse. Another was Bishop Daniel Ryan, retired bishop of Springfield and former auxiliary of the diocese who retired in 2002 after being accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy. (Once again, go to the Roman Catholic Faithful site and search on the term “Ryan”.)

However, I still don’t think an outburst during Mass is appropriate. It wasn’t right when people were protesting parish closings and it’s not right here. What the man could have done is walk out and then approach the bishop afterward. Yet would it have gotten the attention it has if he had done it that way? Hmm.

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  • Dom,

    While I agree with you about what SHOULD happen, I also know that so many in positions of power in the Church rely on the passivity of the laity for cover.  It was, ultimately, the threat of embarrassment by the MSM that got them to do anything about the homo/ped crisis.  Not the prayers of the faithful.  Not the quiet and reasoned letters by the saintly grandmothers.  Not their consciences.

    At some point, you have to yell.  Jesus didn’t reason with the money changers.  He threw some tables over and gave them what for.

  • While I agree that the laity should not be passive, the Mass is not the place to be outraged. We complain about innovators using the Mass as a community-building exerviser. How much more so should we be outraged when it is used as a platform for your rage.

    The moneychangers were in the temple courtyard, not in the Holy of Holies. Protest outside the cathedral, not during Mass.

  • I agree that Mass is not the correct place for a planned protest of any kind however I think if someone becomes outraged at an obvious injustice their emotions may get the better of them. Just how much sacrilege do you countenance in Mass and do nothing about?

    Imesch is really a piece of work. This was obviously an “in your face” protest of his own. He had to know that honoring these men would inflame people and that was precisely why he did it.