If not Canon 915, then what?

If not Canon 915, then what?

Cardinal Ratzinger wants to meet with the committee of US bishops considering how to deal with pro-abortion politicians. (Yes, I know it’s a wider-ranging committee but it’s an easier shorthand, because that should be the real issue.) However, Bishop Donald Pelotte of Gallup, New Mexico, says that Ratzinger is unlikely to satisfy those of us who wants a strict application of canon 915.

During their meeting, Cardinal Ratzinger said church leaders should be cautious about refusing Communion to Catholic politicians who oppose church teachings on abortion and other pro-life issues, Bishop Pelotte told Catholic News Service.

Although Ratzinger did not give a definitive answer, he left the impression that denying Communion was not usually the appropriate action.

I have one question for these bishops who don’t think that denying Communion to manifest, persistent, public, and obstinate dissenters from the Church’s teachings, who lead the faithful into error through the implication that one can be both pro-abortion and a Catholic in good standing: If you won’t deny these politicians Communion, what will you do? Name me one concrete action that you are taking in order to educate the faithful, to preserve them from Scandal, and to correct the errors of these politicians, errors that endanger their salvation. After all, as shepherds and pastors, they have a primary responsibility to teach and correct. So what exactly are they doing (other than having their pro-life office issue press releases)?

If they’re going to say that denying them Communion isn’t the way to go, then what is?