I need your help

I need your help

I have to ask you all for help before this web site becomes unavailable. As you may know I run my own web server and after two years, more than 4,000 entries, and 17,500 comments, the server’s hard drive is bursting at the seams. If I don’t increase the hard drive space soon, I won’t be able to stuff another blog entry or comment in there.

So I’m asking all of you who find this web site at all useful to consider donating a couple of bucks to help me buy a new hard drive. You were all so generous earlier this year when I rattled the tin cup and that helped with speeding up the server. Now it needs more breathing room. And to be honest, I just can’t afford to do maintain a popular web server out of my own pocket.

If you can help, either click the Paypal button at the top of this column or click here. Whatever you can throw in the hat will be very appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Time to pony up folks.

    I stumbled onto this jsut this year and check three times a day. Used to go to TCRNews but not any more. We get the straight dope free here, but it does cost Dom . So, put him on your Thanksgiving and Christmas list.