I get interesting rumors

I get interesting rumors

Here’s a rumor that’s so crazy it just might be true. Actually, I don’t put much stock in it, but the fact that this could be taken seriously by a lot of people shows how shell-shocked most Catholics are.

The rumor is that the bishop of an East Coast diocese is putting a 20-year plan into place that will replace the pastors of the parishes with lay directors and those directors will report to a pastor who will oversee 4 or 5 parishes. Supposedly the plan requires that the lay directors be women, although no one seems to know why, although you could probably guess.

Is this likely? No. I doubt it would even stand up under canon law. Also, think about it: a 20-year plan. How many bishops seriously believe they’re going to be around in the same diocese in 20 years? A new bishop would come in and undo it in a day.

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