Hypocrisy on adult consent

Hypocrisy on adult consent

Jeff Jacoby, the token conservative at the Boston Globe, writes on the hypocrisy of liberals on gay marriage. Be sure to read the whole column so as not to miss Jacoby’s point. He highlights the case of a brother and sister who did not meet until they were adults and who entered into a relationship and had four children.

The two have been prosecuted under an 1849 statute used to jail child molesters. The judge in the case said “I believe severe punishment is required in this case. “I think they have to be separated. It’s the only way to prevent them from having intercourse in the future.” That’s what they got: He got eight years, she got five, in maximum-security prisons.

But you haven’t heard a peep about this from liberals when their case falls right within their arguments in favor of legalizing same-sex unions.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli