How to get the shepherds we ask for

How to get the shepherds we ask for

Mark Shea asked how we get all these good ideas for reform of the Church off the pages of blogs and into the hands of people who can do something about them. And a reader responded with something like having seminarians pass notes to the people coming for the apostolic visitation. I have a simpler idea…

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  • How do you start a letter-writing campaign? By telling people where to write. I think a few well-crafted letters are much more effective than 1,000 carbon copy letters. If I get a bunch of letters all saying the same exact thing, I begin to think that perhaps the people don’t care much more than to throw a stamp on something they half-heartedly support.

    An effective letter-writing campaign begins with telling people who they can write too and encouraging them to write. It doesn’t depend on waiting for someone else to take charge and organize it all.