Holy Democrats

Holy Democrats

George Neumayr at the American Spectator examines the relationship between the US bishops and Democrats. He notes the irony that Democrats are afraid that too many of “their” Catholics may start sliding toward the Republican Party again, especially embarrassing when their presidential candidate this year is “Catholic.” But the Democrats don’t have to worry about the bishops, because except for a few exceptions, they aren’t lifting a finger to denounce Democrat distortions of Catholic belief.

The irony of the bishops’ not lifting a finger to govern Kerry within their own sphere of influence is that as president Kerry would govern them. Democrats are never afraid to cross the line between Church and state themselves in order to enforce liberalism everywhere. It is not hard to imagine President Kerry signing legislation mandating that Catholic hospitals which receive state monies hand out condoms (this is already state law in California) and permit abortion and euthanasia.

There is a difference between rendering unto Caesar and surrendering to Caesar. I’m not sure the bishops know what that is. And if they didn’t like the decision in California that requires the Church to participate in sin by providing contraceptives to Catholic Charities employees, you wouldn’t know it from their lack of outrage. Maybe they want to be governed by these people. Instead of electing Kerry as president, we should be anointing him as Holy American Emperor. Gag.

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  • Here’s a scary thought-if Kerry gets elected, would he “get back” at Catholics by doing exactly what Neumayr suggests, and worse?

    I agree with Richard. Most Bishops are still of the age when Catholic=Democrat.  When most Catholics could in good conscience vote Democrat.  Boy, that’s a bygone era.

  • Kerry has a conflicted relationship with himself, to say nothing of the hierarchy: the guy is schizophrenic:

    (from Drudge)L:Kerry told the LOWELL SUN in October, 1972: “I would say also that it’s a tragic day in the lives of everybody when abortion is looked on as an alternative to birth control or as an alternative to having a child.  I think that’s wrong.  It should be the very last thing if it has to be anything, and I say that not just because I’m opposed to abortion but because I think that’s common sense.”

    Kerry declared: “I think the question of abortion is one that should be left for the states to decide.”

  • The Democratic Party of today supports unfettered abortion, including partial birth abortion (the murder of a fully-formed human infant), the ‘right’ of anal sodomy and taking the side of those who would wish to force everyone to declare such a ‘good,’ the destruction of the Boy Scouts, the perversion of marriage, the ‘right’ of 13-yr. old girls to have an abortion without even telling her parents, sex education that promotes condom use and perversion, the removal of all references to Christianity in schools and in public, an attack on all who subscribe publicly to Christian morality, pornography in our schools and libraries and on the computers in our living rooms, obscenity on our TVs and on the radio, ‘tolerance’ to the point where it is politically incorrect to say that one believes in a moral truth, and denigration of a president who believes in Christ.  Hmmmmm…  Who should a devout Catholic vote for?  Hard to tell, hard to tell…