History & Civics lesson

History & Civics lesson

In the tradition of blogs everywhere, here is a quiz for you to take. It is the Center for Individual Freedom’s History & Civics quiz, which tests you on your knowledge of how the US government was organized, how it operates today, and your rights in relation to it. I got one answer wrong; the first question. I have a habit of reading too quickly and not thinking through my answers first. But I still got the rest right.

How did you do? And what do you think it says about our country that the majority of Americans wouldn’t be able to pass the quiz and have no idea of their rights or the powers of the government?

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  • You did better than I did, Dom.

    I thought I was going to ace it, but I fell down on #6 (Father of the Constitution) and on #9 (Presidential eligibility requirements). On 9, I was convinced that the QUIZ was wrong, not me—I’d picked the first answer—until I looked at the first answer again.