Hindus at Fatima

Hindus at Fatima

There’s been a bit of controversy over a group of Hindus being allowed to pray at the shrine in Fatima, and we’ve even seen photos taken from a Portugese news broadcast about the event. I’ve hesitated to say anything on this because, even with the screen captures, it’s easy enough to misinterpret what we’re seeing when we don’t have the context. Look and judge for yourself.

Meanwhile, the rector of the Fatima shrine has issued a clarification that he says explains what we’re seeing there, although I don’t think it clears up much at all.

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  • This isn’t anything unique to the hindus.  When I lived in Guatemala, I learned that the indigenous population would have a “duality” between the pagan gods of their culture and the saints. 

    For example, one of their most “popular” gods was someone named Mashemon (sp?).  He was the easiest for people to identify with since he had participated in in “every known sin”.  (Apparently its a nice thing to have a god with less morals than you)  However as popular as he is, on Good Friday, he becomes Judas and is hung (literally) in front of the church. 

    I don’t quite get it completely.  There is a lot of intricacy in the interweaving of Catholic and indigenous culture there.  But it is extremely interesting!