Hilary? Bring her on

Hilary? Bring her on

I don’t understand it. The electorate resoundingly rejected the same, old liberal re-treads; the same, old liberal platform, sweeping Republicans to even greater control over Congress and granting them control of the White House for four more years. And what is the Democrat Party’s response?

They’re starting to tout Hilary Clinton as their answer in 2008. Huh?

Is there a more polarizing figure in politics today? Do you want to see even higher turnout of voters for Republicans? Is there another person more symbolic of the same failed liberal platform? I’m drooling at the thought of Hilary as the nominee in 2008. The Republicans could put up the president’s dog as her opponent and Hilary would lose.

In addition, rather than try to figure out why the majority of Americans don’t like what the Democrats are offering, instead they’re vilifying them as stupid and ignorant and not worthy of the liberals’ continued presence among them. At the rate the Dems are spiraling in, they’re going to be doomed to irrelevance for at least another generation.