Heterodoxy in St. Cloud

Heterodoxy in St. Cloud

The Visitor, the newspaper of the Diocese of St. Cloud, Minnesota, has a new editor and he’s off to a rollicking start of dissent and heterodoxy. The very first sentence of his most recent editorial is:

The church should begin seriously discussing the possibility of ordaining women as priests.

No sense beating around the bush. And he doesn’t play the games that other dissenters do, claiming that we need priestesses to solve the clergy shortage or because we would have sex abuse by clergy or that the Church needs to be an “equal opportunity employer” (because the priesthood is just a job, don’cha now).

No, it’s about the Church being all she can be while apparently borrowing old ad copy from the US Army.

The all-male hierarchy, by definition and demographics, can live up to only half its potential. Consider all the feminine wisdom, judgment, expertise and talent that goes untapped, the gifts that languish unopened.

  • The Church HAS discussed the possibility of ordaining women as priests. The answer is no. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.

    These clowns are like four-year olds that don’t get their way. ‘No’ isn’t enough, so maybe ‘shut up!’ will do.

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    Here’s hoping Pope Benedict XVI is on top of things better than that!  We hope that kind of nonsense starts moving into the past.

  • Maybe we need to send emails and write letters to his bishop and to the pro-nuncio in DC.

    So God is unjust because he doesn’t allow the church to ordain women to the priesthood and allow men to have babies.

    This guy needs to be replaced.

  • “Time Out”—-“Ass-Whuppin’”—failure-mode techniques.

    Time tested and VERY effective: auto-da-fe.  Once and done.

  • I have been very blessed with knowing a number of very strong, intelligent, wise and outspoken women in my sixty-three years of the Lord’s toleration of me on this earth.  All of these women would absolutely abhor the idea of women being ordained as Catholic priests.

    On the other hand, I can also list a large number of fatuous, angry and bored females, including many polyester nuns, with whom I worked who relish the idea of having Father Judy as their pastor.  These females need to read the fairy tale of “The Fisherman’s Wife” to see where their craving for power will lead.

  • “Where do the Catholic papers get these characters?”

    From the same place as other parts of the Church infrastructure: people who could never hold down a job in the real world because then they’d have to behave, so they’re willing to work for less so they don’t have to behave.

  • Hey David:
    Explain your stereotyping of Catholic editors a little more. I’m a Catholic newspaper editor and I disagree heavily with that editorial. But I did not take my job because I couldn’t “behave” or because I “could never hold down a job in the real world.” I’ve had plenty of chances to work for good secular newspapers and magazines. Your comment is no more well thought out than that editorial. Please fill us in on what you do in the “real world” that is so much worthier.

  • Unfortunately David, that’s correct.  We have a certain number of “vocations” fueled by the same thing.  You can’t get fired no matter what an idiot you are if you’re vowed….