Helping religious vocations

Helping religious vocations

One of the hurdle that I’ve often heard about from people considering a religious vocation is debt. Because people are generally coming to religious life at an older age, many have accumulated some amount of debt, the highest burden of which is educational debt. When you have tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, you have to pay those off before you can enter seminary or the novitiate. After all, the order or diocese isn’t going to pay it for you.

So it’s nice to see that the Fraser Family Foundation is giving grants to help people considering a vocation to pay off their student loans. However, the Dominican sisters at the Moniales, OP, blog report the foundation has so many applicants it’s going to have to start turning people away. Thus they’re requesting tax-deductible donations to help expand the program. Here’s a very good way to help with the vocations crisis in a very concrete manner. Here we have people willing to answer the call. We just have to help remove the obstacles.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli