Have you heard?

Have you heard?

Has anyone heard anything from a single US bishop on the Lawrence v. Texas ruling that has gone far beyond Roe v. Wade in the culture wars to legalize virtually any form of deviancy or depravity? I didn’t think so.

(I would love for somebody to prove me wrong. I would especially love to be proved wrong with a story in a major, nationally known publication.)

  • Good call, Colleen.  I forget that the Church moves very deliberately.  I take back my robe color comment.

  • I’d like to think so, Colleen, but the principle remains that you have to strike while the iron is hot and the story is fresh. If they come up with a perfectly formulated statement in a week, nobody will hear about it because it’s no longer news.

    By the way, the bishops aren’t alone in their silence. Why haven’t we heard anything from the White House?

  • First, I tend to think as Colleen does.

    But in any case, to expand on Dom’s question: will anyone hear from the pulpit tomorrow (the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, perhaps ironically) anything from the priestly pulpit about the decision?

    Weren’t homilists, in the archdioces of Boston, at least, supposed to speak in favor of marriage between a man and a woman on June 1?

    Did they? I know my parish priest did…Father Roche. Anybody else? I’m hoping to hear everybody reading this loudly declare: “Yes indeed, Father Fill in the Blank did certainly preach on this topic!”

    If your parish priest didn’t, then maybe the question shouldn’t be: “How come the bishops aren’t talking” but rather, “Hey, Father? How come you didn’t do what you were supposed to do last June 1?”

  • Okay so finally we have heard from a US bishop on this decision.

    Yet despite dating the statement for the day after decision came out, it wasn’t online anywhere or publicly released until Monday. Is that too late? I’ll let you decide.

    If you happen to work as part of a diocesan bureaucracy, you’ll probably think it’s just fine.