Here is my nephew Joshua, 7 months old, at the Proud2BCatholic concert last weekend. He’s being held by Tom Brady, Sr., father of New England Patriots quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady Jr.

See the bauble on Josh’s hand. That’s Tom Brady Jr.‘s 2001 Super Bowl champion ring that he gave to his father and which his father wore to the concert where he gave a talk on his Catholic faith. He was very generous in allowing my nephews to wear his ring and have their pictures taken.

By the way, Joshua is wearing his Tom Brady shirt, dressed by his mom in anticipation of just this opportunity. My brother-in-law Pete sacrifices so much in order to put the concert together, it’s nice that he have something nice like this for himself.

So do you think that in 23 years or so we’ll re-visit this picture as Joshua gets his own Super Bowl ring? Hey, an uncle can dream, can’t he?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli