Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen! Happy Easter everyone and a blessed day to you.

The Easter Vigil last night was beautiful, if simple. The old, elaborate productions don’t take place anymore, at least at my parish, but it was still a great celebration. (Let me tell you sometime about my gripe about the musicians playing fast and loose with the psalms, thus stripping them of their christological connections.)

After, it seemed such a shame to waste being dressed up by calling it an early night, so a group of us went out for a bite to eat. So there I was, me and five beautiful ladies, one especially so (who I know reads my blog), all dressed to the nines, all heading into the local 99 Restaurant. “Who’s the lucky guy?,” everyone must have asked. We had fun though and I think part of it was just the idea of Easter, a celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection, having been reminded of the price Jesus Christ paid and the love that He and the Father have shown us in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today, off to my brother Bernie’s house for dinner. If you get a chance, please drop a quick prayer for my brother John. He’s had pneumonia this week, which is bad enough, but he’s asthmatic and that makes it worse. He’s had a real Way of the Cross this week, as has his wife Patti, who’s had to care of him and the five kids. A quick prayer for both of them would be appreciated.

Okay, a blessed and happy Easter to everyone!

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