Gregory to wash kiddy feet

Gregory to wash kiddy feet

My apologies again. I was wrong in a previous blog thread when I said that Archbishop Wilton Gregory wasn’t going to be the one washing kids feet on Holy Thursday (tonight). According to the Associated Press, he is.

Gregory himself planned to take part in a Holy Thursday foot-washing ceremony that involves boys and girls Thursday evening at Atlanta’s Cathedral of Christ the King.

Does he not understand how the sight of a bishop washing kids’ feet might be a bad image to give to press photographers? Is he tone-deaf to the moral cacophony over priests sexually abusing kids? This is an incredibly dumb action to take. Of course, this is the same guy who said last year that the Scandal is “history.”

Even some who supported last year’s ban support Gregory’s decision. “I trust our archbishop,” said Joe O’Farrell, a member of Christ the King who supported Donoghue last year. “He’s a wonderful man, and I couldn’t be more impressed with his spiritual nature. I will defer to his wisdom.”

Who wants to take the over-under on how soon Mr. O’Farrell regrets placing his trust in the archbishop? I put it at six months.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli